Phlex™ Rehabiltation System

by Kris & Brake

The Phlex™ Rehabiliation System is a home use rehabilitation system designed to support patients following joint replacement surgery. Phlex™ RS helps healthcare providers improve clinical outcomes and reduce patient care costs. Phlex™ RS delivers actionable, visual feedback and reports, monitoring range of motion during prescribed exercises, that guide and coach patients through the rehabilitation process.

Phlex™ Rehabiltation System

The Phlex™ Rehabiliation System fosters patient motivation and satisfaction by providing the patient with immediate feedback on personal progress while following a rehabilitation exercise plan. By analyzing patient performance, engagement and compliance, the system is able to seamlessly provide status reports to physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and other healthcare providers.

Patients and physical therapists are able to set goals and define exercise plans, using Phlex™ RS, that improve knee strength and flexibility. Engaging the patient in setting targets, provides a sense of autonomy and empowerment improving compliance. Remotely engaging patients outside the clinic improves efficiencies and reduces costs and eliminates unnecessary travel.

The Phlex™ Rehabilitaton System is an investment for providers and clinics to help improve post-surgical rehab outcomes. Phlex™ RS enables remote monitoring, tracking and reporting on patient progress, thereby creating efficiencies in care delivery a means to improve compliance. Our goal is to help the more than 700,000 patients who undergo knee replacement surgery each year to be motivated and engaged during their rehab and recovery to create better outcomes.


With the Phlex™ Rehabiliation System patients and clinicians work together to SET goals that are both meaningful and obtainable. Engaging users with activities they enjoy, while monitoring progress taking the rehabilitation process and building it around what works for them.


We know that ENGAGED patients help clinicians reach better outcomes. We want patients to feel empowered and challenged during recovery. The Phlex™ Rehabiliation System will help a patient follow an exercise program, knowing that range of motion and results are able to be monitored by a clinician remotely.


The Phlex™ Rehabiliation System TRACKS pain and swelling, monitors compliance and range of motion while identifying out of range motion that could negatively impact patient progress. Phlex™ RS is a rehabilitation service that is a practical alternative to conventional face-to-face rehabilitation therapy that provides clinicians and patients with the right information to make more informed choices.


The Phlex™ Rehabiliation System provides compressive REPORTS based on all performance data captured during exercise. REPORTS are accessible to patients and clinicians anywhere, anytime, through the secure HIPAA compliant system. REPORTS help identify which patients are at risk, enabling clinicians and providers to better assess patient need and compliance.